How to Register

To obtain access to the MyMedTox Web-based applications, contact MedTox customer service at 800‑832‑3244 to receive the MyMedTox User Setup Form. Please note that an authorized company representative’s signature is required to obtain or amend MyMedTox user access.


eChain is an electronic chain-of-custody (COC) process that guides the specimen collector through each step of the collection process to produce a COC form on-site for a collection that is not federally regulated. Client users may create the DonorPass for specimen collection at a site with eChain access.

  • Eliminates the need for a donor to bring, or a collection site to stock, preprinted, nonregulated COC forms
  • Conveniently e-mails DonorPass to donor with any registered user-entered donor instructions and collection site information
  • Reduces time spent contacting the laboratory or collection site to request specimen collection status and testing status
  • Assists employers with adherence to their companies’ defined collection time frames with the ability to customize the DonorPass expiration date and time
  • Reduces data inconsistencies through client-entered donor demographics


QuikResults allows registered users to view drug screen results online. Clients who currently receive results can use this online tool.

  • Provides secure data access from Internet-ready PCs
  • Allows clients to access data on nights, weekends and holidays
  • Eliminates the need to contact the laboratory for COC copies, result retransmissions, or specimen statuses
  • Allows the filtering of results by varied categories
  • Enables searching within results by multiple identifiers such as donor ID, name and specimen ID
  • Provides the ability to print final test results and the laboratory-scanned COC image
  • Allows clients to designate different permission levels for registered users according to result type

Find Sites

Find Sites is an online search application that gives users the ability to view collection sites based on service and mileage criteria.

  • Allows collection sites to be searched by service(s) required, physical address, and mileage radius (This includes a minimum of 3 address fields for search accuracy)
  • Provides search results in list and map formats
  • Shares site services and hours of operation for each site
  • Enables the creation of a DonorPass for test(s) ordered to be performed at a selected site
  • Conveniently e-mails the DonorPass to the donor along with any registered user-entered donor instructions and collection site information
  • Allows supplies to be ordered and shipped to collection sites that do not have eChain access

Online Invoices and Payments

Online Invoices/Payments allows clients access to their monthly invoices faster than receiving it by US Mail. Also allows clients to make payments online.

  • Allows for the viewing and/or printing of invoices without having to contact Accounts Receivable.
  • It also allows clients to make payments online.


QuikSupplies allows registered users to order supplies for account numbers associated with their MyMedTox user accounts.

  • Reduces the need to contact customer service by giving registered users online access to place supply orders for a collection site or company location
  • Provides order tracking and confirmation numbers
  • Enables the preprinting of collection site information on hard copy COC forms
  • Simplifies the reordering of supplies
  • Offers shipment methods including ground, second-day, and overnight (with approximate shipping costs displaying for second-day and overnight shipments