Labcorp is a Full Service Laboratory for Suboxone® Providers

In an effort to address the opioid crisis, Labcorp has developed several test options to help manage Suboxone® medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid-dependent patients.

Labcorp offers individual and profile test options, including medication-assisted treatment monitoring profiles. Learn more about our MAT profiles and clinical testing to support the care of your patients. 

In addition, Labcorp is the exclusive national laboratory integrated within The Recovery Platform®, allowing for seamless access to Labcorp’s medication-assisted treatment monitoring services.  The combination of Labcorp’s testing and The Recovery Platform’s software supports compliance with medication-assisted treatment, and helps patients stay on track with their recovery.

The Recovery Platform software is a digital electronic health record plug-in designed to monitor the progress of opioid-use disorder (OUD) recovery through a patient compliance dashboard and integrated digital capabilities. The Recovery Platform is available through a separate service agreement with the Recovery Platform. 

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For more information, please contact MedTox at 800-832-3244.