Certifications and Accreditations

Certifications & Accreditations License/Permit # Expiration PDF

CAP, Clinical Laboratory Accreditation Program 

3039201 Non-Expiring View PDF

CAP, Forensic Drug Testing Accreditation Program


3039202 Non-Expiring View PDF


24D0665278 08-02-2025 View PDF

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health

08-15-2024 View PDF

Medicare Provider

690000036 Non-Expiring

New York State, Department of Health

NY PFI 3813 06-30-2024 View PDF

Ohio Department of Health, Blood Lead

09-10-2024 View PDF

Oklahoma State, Department of Health

8057 10-31-2024 View PDF

OSHA Blood Lead


SAMHSA, National Laboratory Certification Program (DHHS)


SAMHSA, NLCP Laboratory

0094 Non-Expiring View PDF

State of California, Department of Public Health, Clinical Laboratory License

CDS-00800020 09-29-2024 View PDF

State of California, Department of Public Health, Methadone Drug Analysis Laboratory License

06-30-2024 View PDF

State of Florida, Agency for Health Care Administration, Forensic Laboratory

License #55, Cert #347 12-29-2025 View PDF

State of Hawaii, Department of Health

06-30-2024 View PDF

State of Maine, Department of Health and Human Services

SA121 04-10-2025 View PDF

State of Maryland, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

486 Non-Expiring View PDF

State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Department of Health; Clinical

LCO00716 12-30-2025 View PDF

State of Vermont, Department of Health

12-31-2024 View PDF

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration License